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One year of Crash 'n Burn's return!
December 1 2017 12:37

A year ago, I thought I'd throw the server back up and just let it sit, with minimal effort. Little did I know I'd become inspired to release major features.

In 2017, I rewrote CnBDerby.net, our anticheat, guardrails such as punishment for avoiders, revamped most game visuals such as the vote menu and hints, added registration from in-game, expanded vehicle customizations, totally re-thought scoring and fun ranks, introduced new game types like hold the flag, experimented with replays, and fixed TONS of bugs, some that have existed for ag...

Players can now register in-game
November 10 2017 21:38

From day 1 of Crash 'n Burn, we only allowed players to register on the website. Starting several days ago, this is no longer true. Now, players will be asked (just once) if they want to register so they won't lose points they begin collecting on an unregistered name. If they do, they're pulled out of rounds and into the new in-game flow that collects their basic details and creates their account. We've seen a drastic uptick in new members per day since this launched -- pretty fantastic!

We've always required email validation for all new ...