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Players can now register in-game
November 10 2017 21:38

From day 1 of Crash 'n Burn, we only allowed players to register on the website. Starting several days ago, this is no longer true. Now, players will be asked (just once) if they want to register so they won't lose points they begin collecting on an unregistered name. If they do, they're pulled out of rounds and into the new in-game flow that collects their basic details and creates their account. We've seen a drastic uptick in new members per day since this launched -- pretty fantastic!

We've always required email validation for all new ...

Email issues and instant replays
October 17 2017 20:48

Just to let you all know, email wasn't working for about a week, and I just discovered and fixed the issue. This means account activation emails weren't going out. I have activated some accounts that were affected by this. If you are affected by this and still haven't been able to activate your account, please go to Sign In, and Resend Activation Email.

Aside of that, my latest project is adding a pretty rough but functional instant replay option. This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and only recently got inspired to...