about 7 years
16 players
The final round
March 11 2018 13:58 2

2017 was a great year for CnB. 2018....a little different. It goes without saying that maintaining the gamemode is a big job. Afraid there just isn't the same amount of free time to put in the same effort.

We tried many avenues for promotion, and the unfortunate truth is that most have moved on from GTA San Andreas. That said, it's impressive how much of a community remains. As long we receive even the occasional player, CnB will stay open for business.

No false promises-- the list of ideas for game improvements has gone nowhere, but t...

Double damage until the new year
December 26 2017 13:05

Happy holidays! Regardless of where you happen to live on our planet, we'd like to wish you a great conclusion to 2017, and also hopefully a relaxing break from busy life.

To celebrate, we've doubled the value of damage points until the new year begins. Every hit you deal will now reward you twice as much. This week would be a great time to get in all that lag pitting -- perhaps you'll make it to Veteran rank!

We have also been kicking around the idea of map playlists. When a playlist starts, the game would skip the vote menu and just ...