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    I had already been banned again two days ago because my car started flying out of nowhere, not just me but some players who were playing were also banned. Yesterday it happened again with me and a few more players, every time someone is banned. I wonder if the problem is in gamemode or is it because of hackers?

    almost 3 years about 7 years
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    It is the hacks of players. You cant even play normally nowadays. It is getting much nastier. Just press a button when gettin close or have the enemy on sight, you get banned like this.
    Because of this, many people get banned and they are out of ban appeals. So you gotta go to irc and pm teh admins instead.

    about 7 years
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    its hackers fault. you might have seen the latest news, wich is also a poll wheter to keep server open til 3.16 or not. Also, we are rolling around few ideas to keep server open and unfair bans away, but its Michael's call in the end

    about 7 years