Legend Champion

    hey guys i am leaving and closing this account.
    why because i am very busy with my family,gf,studies
    and i said before i am gonna retire my top spot.
    i am not mad or sad or anything else its been 5 years
    and i am addicted to this game lol but now its time to move on.
    i may visit once a month with unregistered name not sure
    want to thanks Michael Nelson for this great server.i made a appreciation video for u i might upload it later.
    oldskool we have been fighting for these last few months for small reasons forgive me as ur little bro.
    cass thanks sis for being a great friend.
    Sln bro thanks for ur help had a amazing time with u :P u still suck at cnb XD but your the best mod.
    bye guys love u all and gonna miss you.

    here u can download all of my maps
    you can add me on facebook my id is fadi yar khan
    youtube id evilmax2009

    about 7 years about 7 years
    Advanced Derbyer

    No special goodbye for me? D: we were rivals for that top spot long ago, nah I am joking. Good luck in life angle hope to see you again some day, it was certainly a pleasure playing cnb with you, shame your leaving us you are going to be missed by all. Goodbye Angle D:

    about 7 years
    Semi-Pro Crasher

    Well, a pic says more than words.. so euhm. Ye i'll see you around maybe in here :) If you're gonna join once in a month or so... And you shouldn't upload your maps bro, the maps are staying in cnb.

    You were a great mapper and lag-pitter :) Have fun not playing samp and with your family etc.

    Bye D;

    about 7 years
    Master Crasher

    So long- but make sure you visit us at least in IRC :P

    about 7 years
    Semi-Pro Crasher

    Bye angel. Always liked to pick on you but no hard feelings, yeah, it's time to move on and I respect your decision. Just hoping that you visit sometimes.

    about 7 years
    Rookie Crasher

    Very sorry to see you leaving.

    Best of luck in the real world. I hear it's nice out there. ;-)

    about 7 years
    Veteran Crasher

    Nah no fights lol, maybe some disagreements but that's how it works in the world.

    Might catch ya later, have fun.

    about 7 years
    Dangerous Exploder

    Hate to see you go but i guess we all have to move on with our lives sooner or later. Dont forget to visit us every now and then.

    about 7 years
    Pro Burner

    Goodbye man, it was nice to fight with you. GG!

    about 7 years
    Pro Burner

    I do not like to see you in the process of leaving, but I have nothing to do, all what i want to say that you were a nice guy and I respect you, thank you to all that you did to me, and do not forget to visit us sometimes,have fun whit your life,bye..

    about 7 years
    Master Lag Pitter

    Oh noo angel :( well... good luck with your life.
    Remember to visit us in irc.. Goodbye dude.

    about 7 years
    Very Dangerous Exploder

    Aww it's sad to see you go, I loved fighting with you because you're sooo good. It was nice that you put my video into your lag-pit video you made recently. Also congrats Oldskool on having the new highest score!
    Bye Angel! We will all miss you!

    about 7 years
    Advanced Derbyer

    ohh angel my friend, nice to meet you and good luck !

    about 7 years
    Advanced Burner

    I feel you man, a year after I got top score on my last two favorite servers I retired. Even though on samp you'll never see the rolling credits or "THE END" you have to know when you've won and when its time to do something else. I guess losing my score was for the best because now I'll NEVER retire from cnb. lol peace

    about 7 years
    Rookie Lag Pitter


    about 7 years
    Master Smasher

    Goodbye dude :(

    about 7 years