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    The first time I used a Matrox Triple Head converter, I connected the 3 outputs to old VGA monitors (made by various PC manufacturers - Compaq, Sony, etc.) just as a test. Modul8 performed pretty well with Qtime files that I had created in Apple's Motion to be in a 4-1 ratio (480 X 2000) My other output was to an apple 23' cinema display. Several months later I got to set up 3 projectors (Epson PowerLite 82c) As soon as I went full screen in M8, I was able to loop a clip for no longer than about 10 to 15 seconds. As soon as I touched it - to manipulate - cross-fade or add an effect - anything at all - my system would freeze immediately. Not just M8 - the entire system - no mouse control; no force quit option; nothing. I had to cut the power each time to regain control and to reboot. In the Apple preferences, Matrox has a control icon which allows for adjusting the image quality: It seems to be always set on 3840 X 1024 at 60 Hertz even if I select another option, It always snaps back. Is this setting vital to performance? The other 3 options are:

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