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    Hey, quick update for everyone. Exciting part first, I've been sneakily testing that next big feature I mentioned in the last week, and it's shaping up VERY nicely. Expect to see a few more tests soon, and I'll come back with an actual announcement too.

    I really should say something about DDerby, CnB's doppelganger that kept you in on the derby action for the last four years. I've been told DD is now closing, as it has kinda served its purpose. An idea surely is successful when it's carried on by your former community members! So to Tessa, the dedicated derbyer and developer who spearheaded the project -- thanks very much. I gotta say, I'm humbled and impressed. To former DD members, I hope you'll find a home here.

    Feature-wise, just a couple of nice additions to mention. You can now change your avatar in your account area. The forum now displays who's looking at it at the bottom. And lastly, you can now turn off Geo location info in your account settings, if you don't like that your country is indicated in your join message.

    Otherwise, keep an eye out for testing sessions, would love to have ya. Thanks.

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    DDerby appears to be down now on my end. Tessa must have shut it down now. Good i got my avatar changed i don't look as young than i did back them ha ha ha lol.

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