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    With V4, we have awesome new stats to show off, centered around damage points as score. Recently, we've started to notice a little problem. Since its release, damage points have been going up too fast, making your SAMP score look ridiculous.

    As a result, today I rolled out a new concept of score, which is a bit of secret sauce based on damage points and kills. It goes up much more slowly. To encourage participation, survivor / last survivor points do not factor in. However in the future, I may add other statistics to this algorithm. Effective immediately, the SAMP scoreboard will now show score. Your web profiles and the stats page have also been updated.

    So that I can focus completely on this and feature development going forward, I have appointed Meelis13 to be in charge of the operations side of Crash 'n Burn. He'll be managing bans & appeals, the moderator team, and day-to-day player matters.

    I'm really excited about this as he's a veteran of this community and has always shown dedication and integrity. You'll see features faster in production since I won't have to compromise my already-limited development time.

    Next up, ranks. Soon you'll have a silly rank in your profile that is based on this new number. I'll also try to add the ability to change your avatar while I'm at it.

    That's all for now!

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    I like the new scoring system. Works for me.

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