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    Got a couple of pretty great improvements up on the server that I haven't talked about yet. I've given /maps a major facelift. The command now acts as a quick search tool that can pull up that map that you just can't quite remember the name of. It is outfitted with the latest dialog UI, a lot more map details such as average popularity and rating, and pretty colors. Type just /maps for some help. I am planning on doing the same thing for /newmaps as well.

    The second huge win is a new map parser which accepts .pwn maps. This is geared toward JernejL's SAMP Map Editor, and adds support for custom object materials. This means that CnB now supports maps that can look like pretty much anything! The map guide is updated, and we'll probably add some more info to it as we test further. If you want to try it out, hop into Discord and ask for help if you are having trouble. Let's see if we can make the process as easy as possible.

    I have also began adding support for world object removal (RemoveBuildingForPlayer). However, after trying it out, I determined that SAMP doesn't support adding the piece of the map back. That means one map run may remove a huge piece of the ground, but could totally break the subsequent run if it happens to take place on that very spot. Perhaps in the future this will be better supported, but for now, we'll have to wait.

    Also, little thing -- the maximum screenshot filesize has been raised, to make it less annoying. New maps are on the way.

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    Good job, looking forward to seeing more updates!

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