Advanced Derbyer

    Happy to announce that after some tinkering around with the possibility of echoing the server chat to Discord, it turned out to be less work than I expected and we now have a functional echo channel. Everything sent to this channel will be echoed in-game, and vise-versa.

    We have also started the process of map review. There are about 7 members who have started to look through maps with a critical eye, which has sparked some discussion about the criteria maps must meet to be live. I have added a list of obvious points to a few key areas of the website, although these will be tweaked as discussion continues.

    In light of this, I expect to open map submissions any day now. Just a bit more testing and we'll be in business.

    The next priority will be finishing supporter customizations, and adding the ability to donate to the hosted list.

    about 3 years