Advanced Derbyer

    Just to let you all know, email wasn't working for about a week, and I just discovered and fixed the issue. This means account activation emails weren't going out. I have activated some accounts that were affected by this. If you are affected by this and still haven't been able to activate your account, please go to Sign In, and Resend Activation Email.

    Aside of that, my latest project is adding a pretty rough but functional instant replay option. This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and only recently got inspired to see if it was even possible. It is, in a somewhat hacky way. There's a new brief phase of the round rotation right after a game that will show about four seconds of what the game decides is the craziest collision between players.

    Currently, replays are disabled as there are still some bugs to work out, most notably one where the playback gets stuck. Definitely need to get that resolved! But after that, I'll keep the feature enabled and see what I can do to improve it. For now it just shows who's who, and uses these rusty, rotting vintage car models in place of the actual round vehicles because of platform limitations. However, it works and can be kind of entertaining.

    As a reminder, the vastly improved /maps list is live, as well as support for .pwn maps here on the site. Happy fall, guys.

    over 2 years