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    Just a quick announcement of some new maps that are available, or will be soon. Thanks to BaamBaam for the contributions. Also, we've brought some old slow maps back with NOS enabled on vehicles. This may be a failure, but perhaps with NOS these maps will be playable. Feel free to leave feedback here if you find them still hard to play.

    You can now select that your map should have NOS enabled on all vehicles when you upload it.

    New maps:
    Monkey Sea, Monkey Dew
    Sandking Splash
    The Big Baam Theory
    Bada-Bing Bada-Baam!

    Repurposed maps with NOS:
    Angry Truckers
    Sandking Splash!
    Tiger's Eye!
    Banana Rica!
    Rodney's Trasher
    Sewer Madness

    In other news, I've made some progress on the next big feature, which I'm leaving to be a surprise. It's a new gametype that will join ordinary Deathmatch and Hammers.

    Should be ready to test within a couple of months. Hope you guys will be around!

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    Hey thanks man, I appreciate the mention. :D and all the compliments I've been receiving. I plan to keep bringing fresh ideas mixed with some favs to add to the already wonderful collection of maps. This is an awesome server and I am happy just to be a part of it. Plus mapping is fun now since reading how to do so on the forum xD

    ohh nice update, Waiting to see how that plays out.

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