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    It's here! This morning I am introducing the first major additional game type called Hold the Flag. The objective is to pick up the flag and keep it away from other players for one minute. There are now twenty maps that have an HTF version which essentially are the same but with a flag spawnpoint. And more to come!

    The general help has been updated and you'll see three new stats in your profiles (and at /stats). Obligatory warning that there will probably be some bugs, it's been tested pretty well but we only have so many players available per day.

    The map making guide has been updated to explain how to use SA:MP objects in your maps, and how to add a HTF flag.

    Also, it is now possible to specify the interior ID on a map. This supports a new HTF map that takes place in Zero's RC battleground. I am working on smoothing out the map submission process a bit more too. Let's see some new maps!

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    I'll also be making a few tutorial videos to help out with map creation soon. Great job with HTF! A very fun mode.

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