Advanced Derbyer

    New map submissions are open and customizations are ready to rock.

    I realize this is going to be controversial, but I am also introducing votekick functionality. The fact of the matter is, staff cannot always be on, and cheaters are still a big problem. We're going to debut this feature, and if it gets abused, it will disappear just as fast.

    Initiating a votekick will be limited only to registered players with at least a bit of total connect time. Any player on the server can agree with the vote. It takes a majority of players in agreement to go ahead with the kick.

    On to maps. A forewarning, I'll remind everyone that the map process is still new and will need refining. In light of that, we're going to limit one new map per member per day. This may change in the future.

    Submit new maps by going to your account area > Maps.

    Last item, you can now buy customizations as a donation to the CnB project. As messaged everywhere, this money is solely for the SA:MP hosted list. It doesn't take much to get us to the $15 per month required to be on it, so if you like the server, head over to your Account area, and click on Customizations.

    And, for fun, I am also introducing a new customization: vehicle signs. This is a simple bit of text that you can throw on your vehicle's roof, front bumper, or rear bumper.

    With this work, and with follow-up tweaks/fixes to existing features, we will mark the end of my first big push to get the server back to stability. We have a growing moderator team, a Discord echo, and now, TONS of maps to go through!

    about 3 years