Advanced Derbyer

    Introducing....damage-based scoring! In case you didn't read the last announcement, primary score is now based entirely on how much damage you deal by lag-crashing into others. A couple days of testing has shown this to work really well. Your website profiles have been updated with this change, and you can view stats in-game with /info. However please note that **I am still playing with the scoring algorithm.** So expect your points to change.

    Otherwise, I am considering the big changes of v4 to be mostly released at this point. It's going to be smaller tweaks and fixes for awhile. I will say that I have plans for one more big feature =). More on that later.

    Here's a recap of v4 changes:

    - Stats now include damage points and kills, in addition to survivor/last survivor
    - New map vote menu with more map details, winners, & stats above
    - Vastly improved anticheat
    - Penalties for camping & avoiding
    - SA:MP scoreboard now shows damage points instead of v3 scoring
    - New /info command to show player stats and basic info
    - If a tie, now randomly chooses from the tied maps
    - New title screens
    - Tweaked spectating rotating hints
    - Added SAMP death messages that show your killer
    - Changed camera when you die to point at your killer
    - Fixed lots of v3 bugs with spectating
    - Fixed sometimes not getting to your vehicle, causing you to miss a round
    - Fixed vehicle spawns not being randomized
    - Added little damage numbers that briefly appear when you hit someone
    - Added two flash/explosion effects for medium & hard hits
    - Added Country info via Geo IP to join messages and /info.

    almost 3 years