Advanced Derbyer

    From day 1 of Crash 'n Burn, we only allowed players to register on the website. Starting several days ago, this is no longer true. Now, players will be asked (just once) if they want to register so they won't lose points they begin collecting on an unregistered name. If they do, they're pulled out of rounds and into the new in-game flow that collects their basic details and creates their account. We've seen a drastic uptick in new members per day since this launched -- pretty fantastic!

    We've always required email validation for all new accounts to prevent abuse. Since that would be an annoying barrier in-game, we've done away with it. However most functionality is restricted until you verify your account, like the /rate command, forum, avatars, 'new members' list, and maps.

    Replays, the other new feature, continue to function as somewhat of a beta test. They no longer occasionally get the server stuck, and are slated for some more improvement. We've really been enjoying them, they can be pretty fun to watch.

    As always, map production continues slowly but surely. We've got a few new maps hitting the server, either live now or about to be. Support for .pwn maps is still live and ready for more use, if anyone is inspired to play around with the SAMP map editor. The maximum object count for maps is now 1,000, up from 500 which was an old limit. has also been redirected to us, thanks to Rnw3089. And of course, a few bugs have been fixed around spectating and HTF map descriptions.

    See you in-game!

    over 2 years