Advanced Derbyer

    Because I am asked time after time how to get vehicle customizations, and to help with promotion, I've put together a referral program. You're likely familiar -- your friend signs up with a special link and you are rewarded with customizations. Try it out! Details are at, or go to your account area.

    About a week ago, I had some time to ship some improvements and crank through some bugs, especially around going /afk. I have turned off the collision effects for a little bit while I optimize the implementation. Turns out, they were causing exceptions and crashing. Don't worry, they're coming back. I've tweaked the visuals between rounds so that it will always show a "general cam" of the last map ran. Additionally, while clicking through players to spectate, it will now cycle through the general cam too.

    Lastly, I put together a few cheesy paragraphs of CnB history/background. If you're interested, it's at /history, or click on "learn more" in the footer.

    It's been a really great Saturday, lots of fun in the server, and perhaps tomorrow we'll have an equally great CnB Sunday!

    almost 3 years