Very Serious Derbyer

    Well the decision has been made. CnB is going on hiatus. Sometime today/tonight ( -8 GMT ) the server will go down.

    We here at Crash n Burn apologize for any frustration you have felt as a result of these unfair bans. Please know that this was a last resort measure as this is the last thing we wanted to do but time to code has been very scarce for those that develop CnB with real life commitments taking priority.

    As some of you know it has been primarily and for the most part, only me taking care of appeals and unfair bans and listening to the frustrations and questions about when anything will be done to fix the situation. I genuinely felt bad for those that got unfairly banned repeatedly at the hand of many cheaters. Unfortunately I could not do anything about it as I am not a developer and could not update the server.

    If it comes back before 3.16 then it will be registered only and have some tweaks to the anti-cheat. That will be if/when Michael can get some time to make the appropriate changes.

    Once again, apologies for closing the server but we felt this was genuinely in the best interest of the players.

    Forums will still be here and there is also IRC as well. If you havent already you can find info on IRC here:

    almost 3 years over 7 years