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    2017 was a great year for CnB. 2018....a little different. It goes without saying that maintaining the gamemode is a big job. Afraid there just isn't the same amount of free time to put in the same effort.

    We tried many avenues for promotion, and the unfortunate truth is that most have moved on from GTA San Andreas. That said, it's impressive how much of a community remains. As long we receive even the occasional player, CnB will stay open for business.

    No false promises-- the list of ideas for game improvements has gone nowhere, but the likelihood of anything else coming to fruition directly depends on the average popularity of the server.

    Since we're entering what seems like the final era, player vehicle customizations have been turned on indefinitely for all accounts. Might as well enjoy them, right?

    Hope everyone is having a great 2018.

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    Certainly does .. went in crazy bobs the other day 30 players online . I remember the days when both this and bobs were full and it would take you ages to connect in, good times and some good years :)

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    Yea alot of players have left sa-mp and there is a few of us that remains here on cnb. But if you would split into different gamemodes with a menu it would help us maybe.

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