Advanced Derbyer

    Quick update for you guys. I've taken a small break from development after the major v4 features which has allowed me some time to think about where we go from here. Since we have some solid features that are now pretty well tested and live, we need to focus on content and promotion.

    When I say content, I'm talking about maps. While there has been some focus on maps prior to now, it hasn't been very thorough. What I'm thinking about is going through map by map and ensuring it's sized correctly, has a good screenshot and follows our map quality criteria. I'd also like to see the return of a mapping guide and new submissions.

    Promotion is a harder problem to solve. I'm going to make sure we stay on the hosted list indefinitely, as that has proven to be a good source of organic traffic. Full disclosure -- we are about 1/3 as popular as we were in 2011 or 12. Between the age of the game and the massive domination of roleplay, it's not clear to me how to win back a substantial player base. Perhaps in time it will grow slowly again, but so far there is no indication of that. Regardless, we'll continue to chug along.

    On a lighter note, I've added my ridiculous invention of a large vehicle hammer to a handful of maps. Look for "Hammers" as a yellow indicator in map vote tiles.

    I also started a YouTube channel for CnB videos, check 'er out:

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