Advanced Derbyer

    As most of us expected, votekicking has shown too much potential for abuse, and has been removed. Originally, I thought it would be the main tool to remove cheaters. While it has helped, the first piece of the rewritten anticheat, live on the server, has proven a worthy replacement for the limited votekicking that was happening. Relying on player action to handle rulebreakers is far inferior to scripted-in guardrails.

    On that line of thinking, this trial did highlight an important need to deal with avoiders & campers. So, I'm currently looking at not only improving the anticheat, but also rethinking how we deal with these folks. I plan on tightening up how fast the gamemode reacts to you not moving, first of all. Each time you stop for too long, we'll trigger tiered penalties. First time is a warning, second time is a 25% health penalty, third is 50%, and fourth is being ejected from the round.

    I think we'll test that for awhile. There are a lot of great ideas in the Suggestions forum. To all you guys who have posted them, thank you, 6 years later! Stay tuned, next up will be rethinking round end / winning.

    almost 3 years