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    An update to kernel 4.10.14 came through a few hours ago. I presume this has patches for meltdown and spectre. I hesitated about it because my workstation is AMD based, but I decided to go ahead with the update since I am not busy today.So, I did it, and it went very badly.The Nvidia driver would not compile. After several attempts, I finally ssh'ed into the workstation from my phone to see what was going on, and discovered that the Nvidia driver CUDA and DRM modules would not compile. I compiled the driver without those modules, but the display wouldn't start; I guess those modules are needed.

    Naturally, this being a systemd box, I could not reach any of the consoles to do any of this, hence the phone. My laptop is presently fully committed on another project and I did not wish to disturb that.So, I booted from an OpenSUSE USB stick that I have here, manually mounted my drives, and rolled back using rsync. Rolling back was easy enough, and I'm up again, but I guess I cannot update until Nvidia pushes a driver that will compile on 4.10.14. I presently have driver 384.90, which I obtained in order to update to Mageia 6 (earlier drivers wouldn't compile).

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