King of the hill

A Brief History of CnB

I started developing Crash 'n Burn sometime in 2005. SA:MP had the audience and MTA had great round-based gameplay centered around maps. Since that didn't really exist in SA:MP, I thought it would be fun to reproduce it. Until 2010, CnB was nothing but a silly side project that began as a private server. When I opened it to the public, we found that it filled a need for something different than the usual roleplay or cops 'n robbers, and it grew in popularity.

For most of 2011 and 2012, the server was packed. We could not keep up with map submissions and cheaters were a huge problem. And, most challenging of all, the gamemode and maps were capped at 16 players, meaning there were often no free slots available for joining.

In 2012, I closed Crash 'n Burn because I could not commit the time to address these issues. Despite real life taking over, I began working on it on and off. In early 2016, I challenged myself to relaunch the game in the best shape it has ever been.

It wasn't until the holidays, as late as possible before 2017 started, that I finally unveiled the new version. Today, I find myself excited to be working on this project once again. It's a unique platform. Despite the age of San Andreas, it's very captivating to develop for. I can't imagine ever closing up shop again, and I hope players like you will continue to return!