How to Play

The objective of the game is to survive the longest by crashing into others to destroy them, using the quirks of SAMP lag to your advantage. Continue reading for details of all gameplay mechanics.


By playing on the server, you understand that we will kick you out at our discretion for breaking rules, especially if you are a repeat offender.

CnB has a strong anticheat that typically ejects around 10 players per day for cheating. Rarely, there are false positives. If you believe you've been banned in error, please submit an appeal.

Please take a quick read through the rules:

  • No teaming up. CnB is free-for-all. Do not try to establish teams or gang up on one person.
  • No cheating. Using software such as S0beit mod or CLEO scripts to cheat is grounds for a permanent ban.
  • Don't camp. You'll be automatically penalized for sitting idle.
  • Keep it civil. The chat is not a dumping ground for super offensive/sexual things. If you send messages like this, you'll lose chat privileges or be kicked out.
  • Don't spam or advertise in the chat. Please don't flood the chat. Use /m to chat privately with your friends. Do not advertise other communities.
  • Don't threaten to kick or ban players. We'll handle that.
  • Don't try to evade bans. If you honestly just want to play fairly, we'll get you in. See Ban Appeals.
  • Keep a good connection. Excessive lag makes you hard to play with. Avoid downloads/CPU-intensive processes. If you are lagging to the point where we can't reasonably play with you, we'll unfortunately have to kick you out.

How to Connect

To play, you'll need GTA: San Andreas and San Andreas Multiplayer installed.

  1. Buy GTA: San Andreas on Steam
  2. Downgrade San Andreas with this tool
  3. Download the SA:MP Client

Point SA:MP to and log in using your username & password from this website.

How to make maps

Map Making Guide


Anything said in public chat in-game will be also sent to our Discord echo channel, and vice-versa. Feel free to join us! Do not ask to be unbanned in Discord. Follow the instructions on this page.

Join Discord

Ban Appeals

If you are banned, please submit an appeal.

Ban Appeals

Voting for Maps


The game operates in 2-minute rounds, separated by a vote for the next map. The more a map is played, the less likely you'll see that map in the menu. This ensures that a broad selection of maps run.

If you want to play a certain map, you can use (/nom)inate. See command reference at the end of this page.

Game Types


Standard, self-explanatory derby. Everyone vs. everyone, no teams.

Hold the Flag

In this game type, the objective is to pick up the flag and hold it for one minute. Steal the flag from other players by simply crashing into them. If the flag holder is knocked out, their killer receives the flag. If the killer is out too when this happens, the flag goes back to the original spawn.

During HTF, survivor/last survivor awards are replaced by flag capturer/longest hold. The capturer is the first player to one minute. If no player makes it to one minute before everyone is knocked out (or the time runs out), the player with the most hold time wins the longest hold.

When holding the flag, your health increases when moving, and decreases after a second of sitting still.

HTF disables random events and sets the timer to ten minutes rather than two.


This is a silly game type where the rules are the same as Deathmatch, except everyone gets a large hammer above their car. Your fire key (left mouse button) will slam the hammer down in front of you. Try to get your opponents with it to send them flying.


Since the objective of the game is to knock other players out, the two primary rewards you receive are damage points and kills. Every time you hit a player, you will receive damage points proportional to the magnitude of the collision. You receive kill points if you have done the most damage to a player when they are knocked out. You receive points for being the sole survivor or the last survivor at the end of a round.

Damage points and kills factor into your score (shown on the SA:MP scoreboard). View your profile or the leaderboards to see all of your stats.


Any time you're not actively playing, left and right-click to spectate the next/previous player. This is also a good time to /like, /dislike, and and /nominate maps for the next vote.

The /away command is available to temporarily remove yourself from the next round. Exit your vehicle after using this command to go away immediately.

You'll be forced away if you pause or go idle. If you are away for too long, you will be booted to make room for active players.


You can rotate your vehicle in any direction while airborne.

  • Barrel roll left or right: Brake + Left/Right arrows
  • Turn horizontally Handbrake + Left/Right arrows
  • Forward/Backward Tilt Up/Down arrows while NOT accelerating/braking

Take advantage of slopes. When driving down a slope, you have an advantage over those driving up it. Try to smash into players struggling to climb a hill.

When you catch fire, try to get as close as possible to other players to take them down with you!

There is an inevitable delay between when you move your vehicle, and when all other players on the server see you move your vehicle. This means the version of yourself seen by other players is behind you when you're moving. Because of this delay, when players hit your "lag trailer," they don't actually hit you.

As a result, it's best to drive in front of other players to catch them in your lag. If you don't do this, you'll end up damaging yourself more than others. This concept is the cornerstone of Crash 'n Burn, so practice this and you'll do great.

Random Events

Random events can pop up at any time during a round. Only one can happen per round.

Purple Haze:
Makes it difficult to drive by applying a drunk effect to your steering, making the sun purple, and removing your health bar, radar, and smoke/fire from your engine.
Sudden Death:
Everyone is reduced to 1% health.
Bombed Vehicle:
Selects a random player and hides a bomb in their vehicle. Sometimes this event will announce the player's name, but otherwise you'll be left guessing. Be careful of burning vehicles, as the explosion is pretty huge and will definitely take you out if you're anywhere close!
Vehicles that have caught fire become deadly. Familiar with the way a plane or helicopter explodes in San Andreas? The minute you go from black smoke to fire, that becomes you.
Health Boost:
Around 50% of your car damage is repaired.
Slowing down to anything less than a crawl will drop your health, depending on just how slow you're going. Keep moving!
High Gravity:
Everyone gets pinned to the ground, and you'll have slightly more acceleration.
A cross between Rampage and Hardcore.
Iron Man:
You only take 75% damage (as long as you aren't on fire).
Double Damage:
You receive twice as many damage points when hitting others.


Shows stats and information about a player.
Adds a map to the next vote menu, provided there's not yet more than six nominations. Pass either the map ID if you know it, or a part of the map's title.
Rates a map on a scale of 1-5. There are also shortcuts: /like = 5, /dislike = 1, and /meh = 3.
/maps /maplist
Brings up a paged list of all maps on the server. You can pass something to search for. Run without an argument for help.
Displays basic information about a map. If you don't pass an argument, it will use the currently running map.
/newmaps /nmaps
Shows the newest maps freshly released on the server.
/recentmaps /rmaps
Shows most recently updated/changed maps, even old ones.
/away /afk /back
Goes away or returns.
(/m)essage (/r)eply
Sends private messages.
Ignores chat messages and private messages from a player.
(/rep)ort /complain
Sends a complaint about a player.

Chat Symbols

CnB prefixes messaging with a symbol as a shorthand indicator of the type of message.

*Global chatSent to everyone in the server and to our Discord echo channel
!Private MessageSent to reciever of the message.
#Echo messageSent from someone in our Discord echo channel to everyone in the server.