Refer a Friend, Get Two Weeks of Car Customizations

The mission of Crash 'n Burn is to become the premier derby experience on SA:MP. Derby is the most fun with a full server, so if your friend signs up with your referral code, we'll give you two weeks of vehicle customizations when your friend completes their first hour of connect time.

1. Share this link.

Make sure your friend uses this link to sign up:

Please sign in to get a referral link.

2. Help your friend get started playing.

Check back. Once they reach one hour of connect time, you'll be rewarded.

See your current referrals

3. Set up your customizations.

At any time, you can set up your car color, vehicle sign, and other mods.

Set up your vehicle customizations

DO NOT open a second account to get a code that you use on yourself. We monitor all referrals, and we'll close any accounts found to be referring themselves.

Other Incentives

We really appreciate any kind of involvement. If we notice you making lots of contributions, we'll reward you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make a video or screenshot of some good CnB gameplay & post it in the SA:MP Screenshot & Video forum.
  • Encourage day-to-day players to register and come back. Use your referral link!
  • Make some good maps.
  • Help new players with CnB features.

Since this is more open-ended, the process is manual. If you feel you've helped support CnB, please send an email to accounts AT cnbderby DOT net to request access to customizations.